Hi, my name is Ricky Cox - a shortened form of my full name, Richard Lafayette Cox V. I have a beautiful wife, Kary Cox, and I recently became a father to my first child, Ricky Junior!

My career began shortly after graduating high school. I attended Erwin Technical College and earned a Plumbing Technology degree in 2012-2013.

For the next several years I worked for various local Plumbing companies in Tampa Bay while formulating a plan to study for my license and begin my own business venture.

I earned my Plumbing Contractor / Master Plumber's license in March 2019, and began to work for myself immediately. My company was named Forthright Plumbing, because I believe it is important to be straightforward when doing business.

Over the last two years, my team and I have grown the company to a team of 8 employees. We won an award in 2020 for being one of the top-rated plumbers in Tampa.

I now focus primarily on marketing and sales for my business, as well as training the next generation of plumbing apprentices.

I have strong beliefs in personal development and growth, and I think plumbing is a career that offers unlimited opportunities.

I also run a YouTube channel and Podcast dedicated to sharing the real stories of plumbers, and how the plumbing trade protects the health of the nation.

You would think the above responsibilities would be enough, but I’m a glutton for punishment: I also offer consulting services for home service company start-ups, to help my clients get a competitive edge while they are financially lean and mean.

What makes me qualified to offer consulting services?

Quite simply, because I’m a self made success. I didn’t start my business with tens of thousands of dollars - I started with a hope and a prayer and a determination to make it work.

I’m just a few short years I’ve been able to build a business that allows me to work as much or as little as I want - and that’s considering I made many mistakes my first year in business.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did - fill out the form to schedule a business plan assessment!

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